Nepalko Sathi

In 2004, Tendi met a Swiss gentleman called Armand Dussex and he and Tendi quickly became good friends. More than this, Armand wanted to help Tendi with some of the social projects he dreamt of realising in his home village of Saisima and other communities in the Khembalung valley.

Since 2005, the support of Armand and his organisation Nepalko Sathi (Friends of Nepal), has:

  • funded scholarships for 23 children
  • bought and installed 35 smokeless ovens
  • built a suspension bridge
  • started a farming project, the ‘jardin du ciel’ (sky garden)
  • helped build new houses after the 2015 earthquake

The friendship of Armand and Nepalko Sathi is deeply appreciated by both Tendi and the Tendi Sherpa Foundation.

‘jardin du ciel’ (sky garden)